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Commission and Board

Commission and Board

President Vicki Standing, AG®
Vice President Ray Clifford, Ph.D
Past President Russell S. Lynch, AG®
Executive Secretary Andrea DuClos
Treasurer Debbie Gurtler, AG®
Commissioner Suzanne Russo Adams, AG®
Commissioner C. Lynn Andersen, AG®
Commissioner Brandon Baird, AG®
Commissioner Lindsey M. Bayless, AG®
Commissioner Robert Call, AG®
Commissioner Ray Clifford, Ph.D
Commissioner Debbie Gurtler, AG®
Commissioner Dayna Jacobs, AG®
Commissioner Daniel Jones, AG®
Commissioner Fritz Juengling, Ph.D, AG®
Commissioner Russell S. Lynch, AG®
Commissioner Vicki Standing, AG®
Commissioner Tracy Zappala, AG®


Recording Secretary Craig Foster, AG®
Correspondence Secretary
Public Relations Dayna Jacobs, AG®

Testing Committee and Renewals

Testing Committee Chair C. Lynn Andersen, AG®
Testing Committee Assistant Chair Fritz Juengling, Ph.D, AG®
Testing Committee Secretary Kim Barney, AG®
Testing Specialist Ray Clifford, PhD
Renewal Chair Pamela Chatfield, AG®
Renewal Secretary Joni L. Kesler, AG®

To view the complete list of Testing Committee Members click here.

Study Group Committee

Education/Mentoring Chair Robert Call, AG®
Study Group Leader, Administrator Baerbel K. Johnson, AG®
Study Group Leader, Presentation Specialist Lisa Stokes, AG®
Study Group Leader, Curriculum Specialist Melody Daisson, AG®

To contact the study group leaders, please email

Nominating Committee

Chair Vacant
Committee Member Vacant

Annual Conference

Conference Committee Lindsey Bayless, AG®
Conference Committee Suzanne Russo Adams, AG®


Editor Dayna Jacobs, AG®


Webmaster Brandon Baird, AG®

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