Testing Committee Members

The following individuals serve on the Testing Committee in the capacities indicated.

Testing Committee Chair C. Lynn Andersen, AG®
Testing Committee Assistant Chair Fritz Juengling, Ph.D, AG®
Testing Committee Secretary Kim Barney, AG®
Testing Specialist Ray Clifford, Ph.D
Level 1 Chair Jana Greenhalgh, AG®
Level 1 Assistant Naomi D. Newbold, AG®
Test Administrator Coordinator Stephanie Early, AG®
Test Administrator 1 Tracy Zappala, AG®
Test Administrator 2 Michael McCormick, AG®
Oral Review Co-Chairs Daniel R. Jones, AG®
Remote Testing Coordinator Peggy Lauritzen, AG®
Special Circumstances Specialist Julie Stoddard, AG®
Test Development Coordinator Fritz Juengling, Ph.D, AG®
Test Preparation Specialist Brandon Baird, AG®
Test Update Specialists Kim Barney, AG® and Marilyn J. Markham, AG®
Presentation & Marketing Specialists Diana Elder, AG® and Julie Stoddard, AG®
United States Regional Chair Luana M. Darby, AG®
British Isles Regional Chair Lindsey Bayless, AG®
Scandinavian Regional Chair A. Boyd Nielsen, AG®
European Regional Chair John de Jong, AG®
Ibero-American Regional Chair Brandon Baird, AG®

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