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Apply to Become an AG® Professional

Applying for Level 1 and submitting a four-generation project is the first step along the path to becoming an AG professional. Below outlines steps for applying.


Step 1: Read the “ICAPGen Guide to Applying for an Accredited Genealogist Credential”

This guide presents all of ICAPGen’s requirements and guidelines. Careful study and use of it will facilitate preparation of a successful Level 1 four-generation project and passing Level 2 and Level 3 exams. Access the Guide here: Online Version                              

Step 2: Become Familiar with the Important Record Types for Your Chosen Region.

Experience has shown that successful AG candidates have a high degree of familiarity in the use of records from the “Important Record Types List” for their chosen region. It is required that you review the list for your chosen region. It is recommended that you have experience with a wide variety of record types from that list. The list can be found in the “Resources, Record Types, and Strategies” page for your selected region. Use the link below to access the list for your chosen region.

Resources, Record Types, and Strategies

Step 3: Take Level 1 Questionnaire

The Level 1 Questionnaire is part of the Level 1 test. We allow you to take it before paying your fees to self assess whether your experience meets the minimum requirements. Use the link below to access it.

Level 1 Questionnaire

Link above opens an offsite form. Close the window to return to this page.

Step 4: Pay Level 1 Fee and Complete “Contact Information Form.” 

Pay fees before completing the “Contact Information Form.” To pay level 1 fee click on the link below.

Pay Your Fees

Do not pay Level 1 fee until the four-generation project is ready to submit

We practice blind rating. The “Contact Information Form”  is used to gather information needed to process your fees and assign you an application number. To complete the form click on the link below:

Contact Information Form

Do not pay Level 2 & Level 3 fee until Level 1 is attained. 

Step 5: Submit Your Four-generation project.

After fees are paid online and the “Contact Information Form” is processed, the testing committee secretary will email you instructions on how to submit your Four-Generation Project electronically. Allow 3-5 business days processing time for instructions to be emailed.

How do I prepare?

Use the link below to access a variety of tools to help you prepare for all levels of testing.

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