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Accreditation Process Overview

ICAPGen provides testing for many regions of the world. Region-specific testing enables ICAPGen to assess an applicant’s knowledge of the key records, history, geography, methodologies, and language of the region of interest.

The accreditation process involves three levels of testing of the applicant’s skills and knowledge. All levels must be passed with a 90% or higher score. Projects and exams are scored on a rubric to ensure proper evaluation.

Level 1

Includes completion of an accreditation readiness assessment, a contact information form, and submission of a four-generation research project.

Level 2

Includes two sections of the written exam which test document interpretation and general questions on your knowledge of history, geography, methodology, records, etc. It also includes questions specific to the applicant’s chosen region.

Level 3

Includes one section of the written exam which test skills in data analysis, research planning, methodology, and report writing. Level 3 concludes with an oral review.

Candidates receive recognition—a congratulatory letter and acknowledgment on the ICAPGen website—for each level successfully completed. Applicants who successfully pass all three levels are recognized as Accredited Genealogist professionals.

Scheduling & Fees

On-site testing is given at the Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah.

ICAPGen offers regularly scheduled on-site testing days for each level several times per year. See the website for the current testing schedule and deadlines:  

Off-site testing may be arranged for those that cannot travel to Salt Lake City, Utah, to take the exam. Custom on-site testing days for special circumstances may also be arranged. Special arrangements for off-site or custom testing days require additional fees as found on the fee chart below. Please contact the ICAPGen testing secretary ( and obtain permission for any special arrangements before paying fee.

Separate fees apply to each of the three levels of testing.  Applicable fees must be paid for each testing level as shown in the fee schedule below.

 Application SubmissionOn-site Testing on regularly scheduled testing dayOn-site Testing on custom scheduled testing dayOff-site Testing
Level 1$100   
Level 2 $100$200$200
Level 3 $100$200$200
  • The full testing fee is required to retest any failed level.
  • At any level, if a project is assigned in lieu of retesting, an additional $20 fee is required.
  • All fee payments are good for one calendar year:
    • If the four-generation project is not submitted within one calendar year of the Level 1 fee payment date, the submission fee must be paid again in full.
    • If the Level 2 and Level 3 tests are not taken within one year of the fee payment date for that level, the amount paid is forfeited and another full fee payment will be required.
  • Level 2 and Level 3 candidates should pay their fees at least two weeks before taking the exam.

Applicants who do not apply for Level 2 or Level 3 within three years of passing their current level must retake the current level exam and pay the applicable fee before proceeding.

If an applicant/candidate does not successfully pass a level after three attempts, they will be required to wait twelve months and address their deficiencies as described by the Testing Committee before making another attempt.


Accredited Genealogist professionals renew their credentials every five years after they pass the exam to assure that they are keeping current with available sources and research techniques. A renewal must be performed on each credential awarded.