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Level 1 – Application and Four-Generation Project

Level 1 status is attained after the following 6 steps are completed:

  • Read ICAPGen Guide to Applying for an Accredited Genealogist Credential (this document)
  • Become familiar with the “Regional Resources” list for your chosen region
  • Successful completion of the Level 1 Accreditation Readiness Assessment
  • Successful completion of the Level 1 Four-Generation Project Self-Assessment
  • Completion of a contact information form and payment of Level 1 fees
  • Attaining 90% or above on a submitted Four-Generation Project, which is scored on a rubric to ensure it is properly evaluated

Read the Guide

This guide presents all ICAPGen requirements and guidelines for the accreditation process. Careful study of this complete guide will facilitate preparation of a successful Level 1 Four-Generation Project and passing Level 2 and Level 3 testing.

Review Regional Resources for Chosen Region

Experience has shown that successful AG candidates have a high degree of familiarity in the use of records, resources and strategies from the “Regional Resources” document for their chosen region. It is required that you review the list for your chosen region and that you have experience with a wide variety of record types from that list. A list for each region is available from the tables located on the Testing Regions page:

Take the Accreditation Readiness Assessment

The Accreditation Readiness Assessment will help you evaluate your experience and skill level to determine if you are adequately prepared for the accreditation process. This reflects the minimum experience ICAPGen expects a candidate to have before applying. These skills and experience are very important for a genealogist to have to successfully complete the accreditation process. If you are lacking in any of the items listed in the Assessment, take the time to improve your skills before applying. A full paper copy of the Assessment can be found in the Appendix of this guide. The paper copy is for reference only, and the Assessment must be taken online to count for the Level 1 requirement.

Four-Generation Project Self-Assessment

Once a candidate has completed the steps above, they will prepare a Four-Generation Project for submission as part of the Level 1 requirements. The instructions for this project are discussed in the Four-Generation Project Guidelines section of this guide. The Four-Generation Project Assessment will help applicants evaluate their four-generation project to ensure it is ready before submitting it to ICAPGen for grading. A full paper copy of the Assessment can be found in the Appendix of this guide. The paper copy is for reference only, and the Assessment must be completed online to count for the Level 1 requirement.

Contact Information & Fees

When a candidate has completed Steps 1-4, he or she is prepared to pay the Level 1 fees and begin the accreditation process. Because fees are only good for one year they should not be paid until the four-generation project is ready to submit.

Fees must be paid before completing the “Contact Information Form.”  

The “Contact Information Form” is used to gather information needed to process your fees and assign you an application number. The form is completed online. The following information is needed to complete the “Contact Information Form”:

  • Your Name
  • Phone (both day and night time)
  • Email Address (Used by the testing secretary to send instructions for uploading your four-generation project. Be sure it is entered correctly.)
  • Mailing Address
  • Region for which applicant is applying.
  • Testing session applicant wishes to test.
  • If applicant wishes to test somewhere other than Salt Lake City, Utah, enter the locality where applicant wishes to take the test. (Additional charges apply. See Fee Schedule for details.)
  • Did applicant mark yes to all items on the Accreditation Readiness Assessment? Yes or no.
  • The order number (confirmation code) given you after paying fees.
  • We practice blind rating. The testing secretary assigns an application number by which the applicant is identified throughout the testing process.

Four-Generation Project Submission

After fees are paid and the “Contact Information Form” is processed, the testing committee secretary will email the applicant instructions on how to submit their Four-Generation Project electronically. Allow three-five (3-5) business days processing time for instructions to be emailed.

A Note About Level 1 Project Rating: Our goal is to process ratings as soon as possible. However, rating Level 1 Projects is a multi-step process that relies on the volunteer efforts of busy AG professionals. Please allow up to 3 months to receive your Level 1 results.

When you are ready to complete each of the 6 steps for Level 1, please visit the Become Accredited page to officially submit all forms.