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2014 Conference Syllabus

The following links will take you to the syllabus material for the 2014 ICAPGen Fall Conference held at BYU on 1 November 2014. Click on the title of the presentation you wish to view and the syllabus will appear in PDF format.

Accreditation Preparation (Level 1 – Application and Project) Track

Overview of the Accreditation Process

Don’t Go It Alone AG Prep Mentoring Options

Application Forms

Evidence Analysis

Report Writing

Accreditation (Levels 2 & 3 – The Written Exam)

Handwriting & Electronic Sources

Document Recognition (US) – Language Ability Table

Pedigree Evaluations

3 Hour Research Project

General Knowledge

An In-Depth Pedigree Analysis: Setting New Research Goals


All in a Day’s Work: Occupational Genealogical Research

Illuminating Puzzle Pieces of Life

Urban Genealogical Research Migration Surrounding the Five Burroughs

But It Ain’t Really the ORIGINAL record!

Photographic Treasures: Bringing your Research into Focus

Can You Find the Challenging Early 1800’s US Data Online?


2014 Genealogy – Staying Current with Your Research: Up-to-Date Technology and Resources

Big Sites, Little Sites: all Online

Little Known and Rarely Used Google Search Tips

British Historical Databases

Facebook: 4,000+ Genealogical Pages & Groups!

Reading and Analyzing Old English Handwriting


Basic Background and Mitochondrial DNA Testing

Y-DNA Testing

Autosomal DNA Testing

The Genealogical Proof Standard and DNA Testing

Ethics / Standards for Genetic Genealogists

Professional Research

Case Study: Writing a Powerful Research Plan

Marketing for the Professional Genealogist

Establishing your Rates: Insuring a Profit

For the Professional Genealogist: How to complete a Project on Time and on Budget

Copyright and the Genealogist

How to Use Excel for Creating Research Databases

Vendor Track

Using MyHeritage

Research Ties Hands-On Lab

Voila: Professional Charts to Impress Your Clients & Family for the Professional Genealogist

6 Steps to Choreograph Your Research across the Internet

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