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Accreditation Prep Course

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We recommend using this course to guide you as you prepare your four-generation project. The material in it will help you prepare an excellent four-generation project ready to submit for Level 1 status.


Lesson 1: Genealogical Research Experience

Helpful links: For education suggestions go to Skill Building Resources. (Close window to return to this lesson.) To learn about resources and the “Important Record Types Lists” for your chosen region go to Resources, Record Types, & Strategies.(Close window to return to this lesson.) For help reading old documents go to Paleography Classes. (Close window to return to […]

Lesson 2: The Four-generation Research Report

The ability to write an excellent research report is one of the hallmarks of an excellent genealogist. There are many acceptable ways to format a research report. Client reports may vary in length and style, depending upon the client’s needs and instructions. (The average size report for the four-generation report is 25 pages but not […]

Lesson 3: Pedigree Chart

A pedigree chart showing only four generations in the study is required as part of the four-generation project. (This means only the four families in the study.) Your pedigree will be evaluated using the criteria listed below. The individual in the most recent generation was born on or before 1900 and is married with children. The […]

Lesson 4: Family Group Records

At least four family group records (one for each generation represented on the pedigree chart) is required. If anyone on the pedigree was married more than once you must also submit family group records for the additional marriages. Submit your family group records in pdf format. Your family group records will be evaluated based on the […]

Lesson 5: Research Calendars (Logs)

It is required that research calendars or logs be submitted as part of the four generation project. Your research calendars/logs will be evaluated based on the following criteria. Names of persons, events, or records searched are listed on the research calendar. The repository or website where the item was found is listed on the research […]

Lesson 6: Documents

Only Key documents referred to in the four-generation project need to be submitted with your project. Below outlines requirements for documents: Documents included original sources where possible. The documents should be properly referenced in the report, research calendar, and family group records. The images should be readable without adjustments. Images should be labeled with a document number and […]

Lesson 7: Technology

     The AG® professional is expected to be proficient with technology not only for research purposes but also for record keeping and report writing. ICAPGen measures the candidates technology proficiency through the following: Level 1 application forms and questionnaires are completed and fees are paid via ICAPGen website. Four-generation project material is submitted through Dropbox. Documents […]

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