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The following AG® Professionals reside in the state of Utah. Click on the person’s name to view their profile.

Suzanne Russo AdamsItaly

C. Lynn AndersenUnited States Mid-South; United States Upper South

Camille AndrusGermany

Karen R. BaggsEngland

Brandon Lee BairdSpain; France; Mexico

Barbara H. BakerEngland

Kim BarneyUnited States Midwest; United States Mid-Atlantic; United States Great Lakes

Careen Barrett-StoneGermany

David S. BarssUnited States New England

Danielle L. BatsonUnited States Midwest

Lindsey BaylessEngland; Wales

Suzannah BeasleyUnited States New England

Hollie C. BevanUnited States Mid-South

Timothy D. BingamanUnited States Mid-Atlantic

Lorraine L. BourneUnited States Mid-South

Quentin BurrowsIreland

Robert CallUnited States Midwest; United States Great Lakes

Pamela ChatfieldIreland

Evan ChristensenMexico

Karin I. ChristensenNorway

Karen A. CliffordUnited States Midwest; United States Mid-South; United States Mountain West; United States Pacific States

Apryl CoxEngland

Jill N. CrandellUnited States Midwest

Arturo CuellarMexico

Luana DarbyUnited States Midwest Region

John de Jong – Netherlands

Marci DespainEngland

Phillip B. DunnEngland; Scotland; Ireland

Stephanie EarlyUnited States Mid-South

Shon EdwardsCzechia

Diana ElderUnited States Gulf South

Marva EllisUnited States Mid-South

Paula A. FaccioItaly

Melissa FinlayUnited States Mid-South

Craig L. FosterScotland; Ireland

Marissa J. GardnerGermany

Deborah S. GlennUnited States Midwest

Susan Glenn United States Mid-Atlantic

Paul K. GrahamUnited States Gulf South

Jana GreenhalghEngland

Linda K. (Turner) GulbrandsenUnited States Midwest

Debbie GurtlerUnited States Mid-South; Spain; Mexico

Jennifer P. HansenDenmark

Judith W. HansenUnited States Gulf South; United States Mid-South

Amy HarrisEngland

Elaine H. HasletonNorway; Sweden

Joan Healey United States Midwest; African-American Specialty

Patsy HendricksonLDS Records

RayDean HillEngland

Sonja Hoeke-NishimotoGermany; Switzerland

James L. IsonUnited States Mid-South

Baerbel K. JohnsonGermany

Daniel R. JonesSwitzerland

Fritz JuenglingGermany; Netherlands; Belgium; Sweden; Luxembourg (Specialty)

Joni L. Kesler England; United States Midwest

Echo KingEngland

Barry KirkCanada (General); French Canada; France; Belgium

W. Todd KnowlesEngland

Marek A. KoblanskiPoland

Katie LedbetterEngland

Raquel M. LindaasUnited States Mid-South

Diane C. LoosleEngland

Russell S. LynchUnited States Midwest

Anka MageeNorway; Denmark; Sweden

Paola ManfrediItaly

Bradley Dean Marchant Sweden

Marilyn J. MarkhamUnited States New England

Karen MathesonUnited States Upper South

Margo McKinstryEngland

Julie MerrillUnited States Mid-South

Kory L. MeyerinkUnited States New England; United States Mid-Atlantic; United States Midwest; Germany

Chad R. MillinerEngland

Kathryn MooreUnited States Midwest

Geoffrey Froberg MorrisSweden; Denmark

Nathan W. MurphyUnited States Mid-SouthEngland

Kenneth C. NelsonUnited States New England

Naomi D. NewboldDenmark

A. Boyd NielsenDenmark

Julia A. Oldroyd – United States Gulf South

Anita OlsenDenmark

Joyce M. ParsonsEngland; Isle of Man

James W. PettyUnited States New England; United States Mid-Atlantic; United States Gulf South; United States Mid-South

Charlene PipkinUnited States Midwest; United States Great Plains

Mary PletschUnited States New England

Daniel S. PoffenbergerEngland

Milan PohontschGermany

Richard W. PriceEngland

Sylvie PysnakCzechia

Greg Ramstedt – England

David E. RencherIreland

Anne Roach – United States Mid-South

Kori C. RobbinsEngland

George R. RyskampSpain; Mexico

Joseph B ShumwayEngland

Carol E. SmithUnited States New England

Catherine SorensenUnited States Mid-Atlantic

Yvonne SorensonUnited States New England

Kip SperryUnited States Midwest

Vicki StandingUnited States Midwest; African-American Specialty

Sherry Stevens – Denmark

Julie Stoddard – United States Mid-South

Lisa StokesUnited States Mid-South

Colleen Stutz United States Midwest

Heidi G. SugdenFrance; Austria

Kelly R. SummersUnited States Midwest; United States Pacific States; Spain; Mexico

Jeffrey M. Svare Norway

Mindy TaylorEngland

Maria TelloMexico

Tristan L. TolmanUnited States Mid-Atlantic

Tanner Blair TolmanDenmark

Lynn C. Turner Spain

Carolyn B. UgoliniItaly

Careen ValentineGermany

Darris G. Williams – Wales

Vona B. WilliamsEngland; Scotland

Gordon Wright – United States Mountain West

Marianne Prince WrightEngland

Raymond S. Wright, IIIGermany

Stephen C. YoungCanada (General)

Tracy ZappalaUnited States Mid-South; African-American Specialty



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