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Consumer Protection

Consumers can be confident that genealogists who hold the AG® credential are sufficiently tested in both theoretical research methodologies and in the location and use of original documents unique to their regional areas. See our article Qualifications of an AG Professional to learn more about the strict process each of our AG professionals must pass in order to received their  credential.

In a desire to save both time and money, consumers often ask what information they might provide to aid the researcher. Our article Ten Effective Steps to Hiring an Accredited Genealogist® Professional will provide you with more information to guide you in your quest to hire the Accredited Genealogist researcher who is right for your project.

ICAPGenSM wants to help you find the genealogist(s) who will best serve your needs. To locate one please view our List of Accredited Genealogist professionals.


Consumers also want to know how their research costs will be calculated, and what those costs might cover. For additional information see our article Cost of Research.

Each AG professional sets their own fee schedule. Contact the AG researcher you wish to hire to find out their fee schedule.

Disciplinary Procedures

ICAPGen has set up procedures to protect both the consumer and the AG professional in the event of an inquiry regarding the professional conduct of any AG professional. To review these procedures, please click here.

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