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Virlene Norton Hirschi

VirleneGraniteBkgrndVirlene Norton Hirschi, BA, JD, AG®

Professional Genealogist, Writer, Editor, and E-Learning Specialist

Accredited for research in the United States Mountain West Region.

Based in Salt Lake City, minutes from the Family History Library. Owner and founder of Ancestor Profiles.

Areas of Expertise are: Solving cold cases and breaking through brick walls in U.S. family history. Have employed innovative search strategies to locate thousands of elusive ancestors. Skilled at online research, writing, and analysis. Can extract key points about ancestors from a sea of information in order to tell their story.

Current pro bono work includes teaching a weekly family history class and consulting one-on-one with others on their research problems. Past consultant at the Winder tri-stake Family History Center. Served a one-year service mission at the LDS Church History Library tracing origins of previously unidentified women in early Nauvoo, IL in the 1840s.

Have written, edited, and managed the creation of award-winning web and e-learning products at the University of Utah, Allen Communication, Franklin Covey, Wasatch Education Systems, and the World Institute for Computer-Assisted Teaching (WICAT).

Contact information

1252 E. Freshman Circle
Salt Lake City, UT 84117

Phone: 801.942.3239

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