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To download a pdf version of the “Guide to Applying for an Accredited Genealogist® Credential” click here.

Listed below are a variety of tools found on our website to help make the journey to ICAPGen Accreditation more successful. These options will help the applicant prepare for the accreditation process and for the continued success as a professional genealogist.

Accreditation Prep Course – This free course will help you prepare your four-generation project.

ICAPGen Mentoring Online Classes Although the application process has changed since these videos were developed they still have valuable material that can improve your skills. The current application process is outlined in this PDF. Please note: The mentoring videos require the plug-in Microsoft Silverlight. This plug-in may not work if you are using the browser Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. It is recommended you use Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

Incorporating Evidence Analysis in a Research Report – Especially necessary when building a case that uses multiple pieces of indirect evidence to prove a relationship

Paleography Classes – Links to online classes and sample documents in various languages which you may use to improve your language skills.

“Resources, Record Types, and Strategies” where the “Important Record Types Lists” are discussed that you should be familiar with before applying for accreditation.

Samples: Links to examples of family group records, pedigrees, research calendars, and reports of the Level 1 Four-generation project.


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