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Section 3: Preparation Suggestions

Research Reference Guide Tips

Cadidates own resources can be consulted for the written portions of the exam. Prepare a file folder(s) on a flash drive (from which information will be transferred to the computer on which the test is administered) or in files available online (stored in a Cloud site such as Dropbox, GoogleDrive, or OneDrive etc.) which can be accessed from the computer used for research. Alternately, you may compile these resources into a physical binder. Candidates should design this guide based on their personal needs. A few suggestions of key items include:

  • Maps & gazetteers (Finding aids)
  • Word lists (Latin, Swedish, etc.)
  • Paleography (handwriting) samples
  • Historical background
  • Timelines
  • Websites
  • Articles
  • Unique sources
  • List of archives, libraries, genealogical and historical societies
  • Customs and laws
  • Migration trails
  • Periodicals
  • Methodologies
  • Research guides
  • List of key reference material
  • Document samples

Create a quick reference sheet(s) for each state (province or similar political subdivision). It could include the following:

    • Year of independence or year became a state
    • Years civil registration or vital records began
    • Years of available census or population schedules (federal, state, territorial)
    • Historical timeline
    • Major archives
    • Major genealogical publications
    • Major genealogical or historical societies
    • Unique items
    • Maps – country, state and counties or other jurisdictions
    • Key records available online

ICAPGen Study Groups

What is an ICAPGen Study Group?

It is a study group that meets via the Internet to provide support for ICAPGen Project submission and preparation for the ICAPGen exam. These groups cap at 6 people.

What is needed to participate in one of the ICAPGen Study Groups?

The participant:

  • Is able to answer affirmatively to the Accreditation Readiness Assessment.
  • Wants to submit ICAPGen Application and Project within the next 3 to 6 months.
  • Commits to attending all bi-monthly meetings via internet.
  • Commits to completing all Study Group assignments on time.
  • Is prepared to pay the Level 1 testing Fee during the next 3 to 6 months. Fees are only good for one year. Therefore, fees should not be paid until the four-generation project is ready to be submitted.

How to Register?

If you are interested in participating in a Study Group, complete the form accessed through the link below:

Study Group Interest Form

ICAPGen Exam Proctoring

What is an ICAPGen Exam Proctor?

ICAPGen regularly needs volunteers to proctor exams on-site at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. Exams are administered on a quarterly schedule. Proctors do not need to be AG professionals. This is a great opportunity for prospective AG professionals to become familiar with the process. Testing starts at 9:15 am and takes approximately 5 hours. To see scheduled testing dates, click here.

What are the responsibilities of a proctor?

  • Support
    • Remain with the examinee during the duration of the exam (4 hours, plus breaks)
    • If examinee has questions, pause the time and speak to an ICAPGen testing committee member
    • Ensure the examinee is not interrupted
  • Timing
    • Time each section of the examinee’s exam
    • Politely remind the examinee when time is running out
  • Integrity
    • Ensure that all copies, notes, or materials created during testing are returned with the exam
    • Hold the examinee’s electronics during the exam

Proctors will receive a document with additional details after they register and are selected to proctor an exam.

How to register?

If interested complete the “Volunteer Proctor Availability” form to be placed into a database which is used to assign proctors as needed. Prospective AG professionals will be assigned to proctor a test for a region other than their chosen region of accreditation. To access the form use the link below:

Volunteer Proctor Availability Form


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