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Level 1 Four-Generation Project Check List (pages 28-30)


Use this check list to determine if your four-generation project is ready to submit. Any item you cannot check off as completed needs done before you submit your project. Any item you are unsure about, learn more about that item before submitting your project.

(For a printable version of this Check List click Level 1 Four-generation Project Checklist.)


  1. Did your research consist mainly of original sources in your accreditation area of interest and is it discussed in your report?
  2. Did you use the expected records for the time-period and area covered in the project?
  3. Did you demonstrate your knowledge of local customs or naming patterns that were common to your search area? (This may not be applicable for all reports.)
  4. Did you apply appropriate research strategies for your area and time-period?
  5. Did you support all stated facts with quality sources and did you cite those sources?
  6. Did your report clearly explain the significance of key findings provided in the documents?
  7. Did you provide good suggestions for future research to solve the stated research objective, or to support a new research objective?

Evidence Analysis

  1. Did you properly introduce each piece of evidence used to address the genealogical problem?
  2. Did you present your research findings clearly and in a logical order?
  3. Did you properly analyze and explain the evidence presented in your report?
  4. Did the evidence presented fully support the stated conclusions discussed in the report?
  5. Did you refrain from making unjustified conclusions, hasty generalizations, or tailoring your findings to fit a pre-conceived notion?
  6. Did you properly address all conflicting information in the report and resolve the conflicts when possible?

Research Objective, Summary, and Conclusion

  1. Did you include a research objective in your report? Does your objective (or a background section) contain the complete name of starting ancestor with key identifying information, such as birth date, birth place, and relationship?
  2. Did your report maintain its focus on the research objective?
  3. Did you provide a summary of the research results in your report in one of the following?
    • after the statement of the research objective as a preview of research results
    • at the end of each individual generation to conclude the section
    • at the end of the report as a discussion that includes all four generations
  4. Did you address the research objective in your summaries or in a concluding section at the end of your report?

Report Writing Style and Presentation

  1. Did you discuss all four generations in the written report?
  2. Did you differentiate all generations clearly from each other? Did you give each generation its own careful treatment?
  3. Did you include headings and subheadings to clearly divide topics and subtopics?
  4. Did you use 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person consistently throughout the report?
  5. Did you check the report for typographical or grammatical errors?
  6. Did you use good transitional statements to facilitate the flow of thought from one section to the next?
  7. Did you consistently format the source citations throughout the report?
  8. Did you correctly transcribe or abstract key documents into your report? (or translate if needed)

Pedigree Charts

  1. Did you display only the four generations (four couples) of the study on the pedigree chart?
  2. Did you include all dates and places (i.e., b, bp, m, mp, d, dp) on the chart for each couple, complete with either exact or approximated information from sources?
  3. Did you compare the information on family group records with information on the pedigree chart and in the report to insure they matched?
  4. Was the starting individual on the pedigree chart born in 1900 or before? Did he/she have a spouse and children?
  5. Did someone from each generation live for some time in the chosen region? Was it evidenced on the pedigree chart or was it discussed in the report?

Family Group Records

  1. Did you include four or more family group records? If an individual on the pedigree had multiple marriages, did you include a family group record on them with all their spouses?
  2. Did each family group record contain complete event dates and places on each individual listed on the record? (Information may be estimated.) [It is understood that some vital information might not be attainable. However, a reasonable effort to find such information should be reflected in the research calendar or report.]
  3. Did you include information on all children in the family? (Information on living people may be left off. When living, individuals are left off, reference them as living.)
  4. Did you support each fact on all family group records with an appropriate source?

Research Calendars (Logs)

  1. Did you list the names of persons, events, or records searched on the research calendars?
  2. Did you include the repository or website for each source searched on the research calendars?
  3. Did you list descriptions of sources used on the research calendar? i.e. type of record, time-period covered, etc.
  4. Did you include call numbers, film numbers, or URLs (including date accessed) of each record searched on the research calendar?
  5. Did you include document numbers for all documents located on the research calendars?
  6. Did you list both positive and negative search results on the research calendars?
  7. Did you include complete citations for all sources listed on the research calendar?


  1. Did you include only images of key documents (maximum of 40) discussed in the report with your project? Are the images readable without adjustments? (Rater’s should not have to rotate images to read them.)
  2. Did you properly reference the documents in the report?
  3. Did you label documents so that someone could easily tell which image belongs to which record referenced in the report? (Label should be on front of document not just in file name.)
  4. Did your project show a variety of applicable websites were used? Has information from those websites been integrated with other sources into the report?

ICAPGen practices blind rating.

  1. Did you remove your name off everything associated with your project? i.e. the pedigree chart, all family group records, all document images, and the report pages of your submission.


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