Emeritus AG® Policy

The ICAPGen Commission announces the creation of the Emeritus AG® professional status. This new, honorary status was approved on 25 October 2002 by the ICAPGen Commission.

The Commission recognizes that we have many distinguished Accredited Genealogist® researchers retiring from professional research. Many of the retiring AG professionals have expressed a desire to continue being associated with the credential. In addition, ICAPGen wants to have continuing association with these individuals and honor them for their achievements.

An Emeritus AG professional is best described as someone who is retired from professional genealogical activities. With this new status, the retired professional might continue to lecture, write, or research on a volunteer basis and use the nomenclature, Emeritus AG professional or Emeritus Accredited Genealogist professional. The following describes what an Emeritus AG professional is and is not:

  • The Emeritus AG professional status is not a credential. It is an honorary designation recognizing retired individuals as having been accredited in the past.
  • The Emeritus AG researcher will not be required to renew since this is not a credential.
  • The Emeritus AG professional status cannot be used by researchers involved in professional genealogical activities to avoid credential renewals or the payment of annual fees.
  • The Emeritus AG researcher will not be required to pay annual fees unless they would like to continue receiving information directly from ICAPGen. The annual fees for continued communications will be half of the current annual rate, or as set forth by the ICAPGen Commission.
  • The Emeritus AG professional may continue to use the nomenclature Emeritus AG professional or Emeritus Accredited Genealogist professional indefinitely, unless notified otherwise.
  • The emeritus status will be withdrawn for retirement violations.
  • The Emeritus AG researchers will have their names displayed at the ICAPGen web site indicating their retired status.
  • The Emeritus AG researchers are encouraged to volunteer and share their vast knowledge and skills with other AG researchers, those who are aspiring to become accredited, and the genealogical community as a whole.
  • The Emeritus AG professional status will be offered to those Accredited Genealogist professionals who retire in good standing with a current accreditation. If accreditation is allowed to lapse prior to retirement, the emeritus status will not be available. This designation has been created to honor those who have remained accredited through the years.
  • Every Accredited Genealogist professional who retired in good standing prior to the implementation of the program will be given an opportunity to have emeritus status.

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