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ICAPGen Study Groups

Registration is now open for ICAPGen Study Groups.

What is an ICAPGen Study Group?

It is a study group that meets via the internet for two one-hour meetings per month to provide support for  ICAPGen Level 1 (four-generation project) submission and preparation for the ICAPGen exams.  Study Groups are offered twice a year. Each group is limited to six students in order to ensure a tailored experience for each attendee. 

Requirement to join group: Submit a sample report along with a pedigree chart with sources.  Use the links below to view example pedigrees.                                                         

Pedigree Example 1                       Pedigree Example 2

What kind of commitment is needed to participate in one of the ICAPGen Study Groups?

The participant:

Has watched the video “Thinking about becoming an Accredited Genealogist?”

Is able to answer affirmatively to the Practice Questionnaire on pages 26-27 of the “Guide to becoming an AG(R) professional.”

Wants to submit ICAPGen Application and Project within the next 3 to 6 months.

Commits to attending all bi-monthly meetings via internet.

Commits to completing all Study Group assignments on time.

Is prepared to pay the $100 Application Fee during the next 3 to 6 months. (Fees should not be paid until four-generation project is ready to be submitted.

ICAPGen beginner tips
1. Choose a region for which you already have at least intermediate to advanced research experience.
2. Review the Level 1 (four-generation project) requirements and begin working on the project.
3. You may not be sure if you chose the best family for your project, but you can still apply to join a study group. The experience will help you gauge your preparedness.

Not familiar with ICAPGen. To watch a video overview about us click here.


How Do I Register?

If you are interested in participating in a Study Group, complete the form accessed through the link below:

Study Group Interest Form.



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