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Colleen Aaronson-Stutz

Colleen Stutz, AG®

Hi! I’m Colleen Stutz. I’m a professional genealogist with a Family History Research Degree, and I hold an Accreditation in Midwest Research with ICAPGen. I currently work for Legacy Tree Genealogists as a Project Manager.

I am skilled at working with people and creating connections with clients. Two things that clients have loved the most about working with me are my friendly personality and love for genealogy. I love people and family history. By combining the two as a Project Manager for Legacy Tree, I get the best of both worlds!

Send me a message or click on the website link to learn more!

We are celebrating 20 years of genealogical research at Legacy Tree Genealogists! Watch here to learn more about our process and how we have helped hundreds of clients find their ancestors.