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Karen A Clifford

Karen A. Clifford, AG®

Karen A. Clifford is accredited for research in United States Midwestern States, United States Mid-South States, United States Mountain West States, and United States Pacific States.

She is President of Genealogy Research Associates, Inc., an Adjunct Faculty Professor in the History Department at BYU; and serves as Director of a Tri-Stake Family History Center.

She is a fellow of the Utah Genealogical Association and has authored The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Genealogy, the Internet, and Your Genealogy Computer Program; Digging Deeper: Using Essential Pre-1850 Records: an Intermediate Genealogy Guidebook; and Becoming an Accredited Genealogist.

PAST EXPERIENCES: She authored and taught four distance education courses from beginning to certification in genealogy at Monterey Peninsula College in Monterey, California (for 25 years) and at the Salt Lake Community College in Salt Lake City, Utah (for 5 years).   She formerly served as Vice President of the Federation of Genealogical Societies, Founding President of the Monterey County Genealogy Society (CA); Co-founder of the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, former President of the Utah Genealogical Association, former Vice-President of ICAPGen, and former Chair of the Testing Committee for ICAPGen.

What she wants to be remembered by: “She is married to an honorable man, who has made her a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother thanks to the arrival in 2019 of her first great-grandchild. Without the support of her family, she would not have been able to serve so many people.”