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Suzannah Beasley, AG®

Suzannah Beasley received her bachelor’s degree in Genealogy from Brigham Young University and was then professionally trained at the oldest genealogy firm in the United States, the New England Historic Genealogical Society. Since that time, she has provided custom research to numerous clients, most recently as the head genealogist at Global Genealogists. Mrs. Beasley has directed research projects from across the United States and around the world; past projects include primary record research from some 40 U.S. states as well as England, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Canada, Germany, Australia, Italy, Slovakia, and India, among others. Her research is typically performed at the Family History Library, the largest genealogical repository in the world, which contains billions of records from all 50 states and countries across the globe. She is active in genealogy education, and has lectured in settings ranging from small groups to institutions such as Harvard University.

Suzannah Beasley is accredited for research in United States New England Region.