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Testing Dates & Deadlines

Scheduling facts you need to know:

  • Level 2 & Level 3 are given on a Friday night/Saturday daytime test schedule. The first part of Level 2 exams are given on Friday evening. The candidate returns on Saturday to complete their Level 2 exam and take their written portion of the Level 3 exam.
  • Retakes are scheduled as needed during the Saturday testing day.
  • Those preferring to take Level 2 & Level 3 during different testing cycles may do so, but they need to take Level 2 one testing cycle and wait until the following test cycle to take Level 3.
  • Onsite Level 2 and Level 3 tests are scheduled on the first scheduled testing date after applicant receives passing score on Level 1.
  • Offsite testing has been suspended while we work out technical issues. We hope to have a solution by fall 2019. If you have already begun the accreditation process as an offsite tester, your 3-year time limit to apply for the next level will be extended accordingly.
  • Custom on-site testing available for special circumstances. (Email the testing secretary for permission at before paying fees.)
  • Additional charges apply for custom onsite testing. See Fee Schedule for details.

Rating facts you need to know:

  • Our goal is to process ratings in a timely manner, however, rating each testing level is a multi-step process that relies on the volunteer efforts of busy AG professionals and their availablity.
  • Please allow up to 6 months to receive your test results for each level. We will notify you if it is going to take longer than six months.
  • Level 1 four-generation projects are blind rated by a minimum of three people.
  • Projects are first rated for items found in the Part A self-assessment form. Projects that do not pass Part A are not rated further.
  • If the project passes the Part A rating, two experts from the region of interest rate it for items found on the Part B self-assessment form.   If one rater passes the project and the other doesn’t an additional rating is done.
  • Level 2 and Level 3 written tests are graded by a minimum of two graders. If one grader gives a passing grade and the other doesn’t tests are sent to an additional grader.
  • Click here to review the self-assessment form.


Project Submission Deadlines and Testing Dates

Level 1 Project Submission Deadlines (Project Upload)

10 August 2019

Level 2 and Level 3 Testing Dates  (May not schedule until notified Level 1 passed.)

Written exams and all retakes – 12-13 July 2019

Written exams and all retakes – 11-12 October 2019

Oral Review (May not schedule until notified Level 2 and written tests of Level 3 passed.)

14 September 2019

14 December 2019


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