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Changes in Germany Testing Area

The ICAPGen Board has approved a change in the Germany testing area. At present, there is only one testing region for all of Germany. There will no longer be a single Germany Region accreditation; there will be three accreditation regions: East, South, and Northwest. Candidates may turn in an application and test in the third quarter (August) 2018 for the Germany region, after which no further applications will be accepted for the Germany Region.  After that time, applicants will choose one of the three new areas for which to test.

The creation of three regions will allow candidates to specialize in one region of Germany, although accreditations for the other two regions can be earned later.  Those people who already have a Germany accreditation will be able to renew that in perpetuity and will not need to become accredited in one of the other regions, although they may, if they choose to do so.

All regions will be required to demonstrate competence in German and Latin by identifying, transcribing, and translating documents from those languages. In addition, the candidate will be required to demonstrate competence in other languages, depending on the region, as indicated in the chart below. 

Region Transcribe & Translate Abrstract
Eastern German, Latin German, Polish, Latin
Southern German, French, Latin German, French, Latin
Northwest German, Latin German, Danish, Latin, French

BMD=birth/baptism, marriage, or death
Civil record=BMD or any other type of document produced by governmental authorities

The map below shows the new regions.

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