About Us

The International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists, internationally recognized as ICAPGen, is a professional credentialing organization dedicated to testing an individual's competence in genealogical research. The organization is administered by a board of qualified Commissioners with many years of experience.

What we do

Those who hold the Accredited Genealogist credential have demonstrated knowledge of the key sources, history, geography, methodologies, and language of their region of interest and know how to access those records, wherever they exist, whether it is through personal onsite research, correspondence with repositories, or through a representative onsite. They are also proficient in the use of digitized original sources online. Accredited Genealogist professionals possess the skill to transcribe and abstract handwritten documents, analyze and interpret evidence, and communicate research results in quality written reports.

Examinations are given to applicants demonstrating sufficient theoretical and practical research backgrounds. A different exam is given for each geographical region, so individuals who pass an exam are rightfully designated as research experts in that region. Exams may also include subjects of specialization.

Mission Statement

The mission of ICAPGen℠ is to advance family history/genealogy work around the world by accrediting and promoting genealogy professionals who are competent, ethical, and reliable, and to work to promote the preservation of genealogical materials. The central functions of ICAPGen℠ are:

*Recruiting, encouraging, mentoring, and educating genealogists

*Testing each applicant's competency as a prerequisite for accreditation.

*Requiring periodic re-accreditation to assure currency of skills.

*Stipulating adherence to ethical standards.

*Maintaining a public directory of ICAPGen℠ accredited professionals.

*Educating consumers about the value, process, and complexity of family history/genealogy research and maintaining good-will by working with clients and AG® professionals if a dispute arises.

*Promoting the preservation of genealogical materials for future generations. 

Where we are

Our Accredited Genealogist professionals can be found worldwide, and have proven research expertise in one or more of the 9 United States regions and 23 different countries.

Where we test

Exams are typically held at the Family History LIbrary in Utah, but for those who prefer to test elsewhere we can arrange a proctored exam at a local facility, and conduct an Oral Review via the internet.