Applicants in Process

The following applicants have progressed on their path toward accreditation:

Completed Level 1Completed Level 2
Carol Seegmiller – EnglandJulie Brown – Italy
Fran Daly – ItalyMichele Lewis – U.S. Southeast
Mike Manering – U.S. Gulf SouthLorna Millward – U.S. Great Lakes
Alice Boyd – EnglandCathy Crandall – England
Nicole La Rue – U.S. Great LakesKahi McClellan – U.S. Northwest
Aimee Troger – PortugalEllie Vance – Russia
Susan Jensen – U.S. Great Lakes
Marinn Malan – U.S. Southwest
Eamon Healy – Ireland
Julie Tarr – U.S. Great Lakes
Fred Broberg – U.S. New England
Cinda Baxter – Scotland
Eva Holmes – U.S. New England
Jennifer Kern Davis – U.S. Midwest/Great Lakes
Kimberley T. Powell – U.S. Mid-South/Upper South
Mark Campbell – Italy
Becky Adamson – U.S. Upper South
Sandra Bacon – U.S. New England
Michelle Chubenko – U.S. Mid-Atlantic
Robert Johnson – Sweden
Melanie Marsh – England
Coppelia Petersen – U.S. Great Lakes
Alexandria Priest – U.S. Great Lakes
Angela Schofield – U.S. Mid-Atlantic
Kylee Smith – England
Wendy Ward – England
Amy Wesson – U.S. Northwest