UPDATE!! We have three testing dates for 2023 at the Family History Library: February 23-24 2023, June 9-10 2023, and October 13-14 2023

Why Become an AG® Professional

The International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists, internationally recognized as ICAPGen℠, is a professional credentialing organization dedicated to testing an individual's competence in genealogical research. The organization is administered by a board of qualified Commissioners with many years of experience.

Step 1

Read the "ICAPGEN Guide to Applying for an Accredited Genealogist Credential"

This guide presents all of ICAPGen’s requirements and guidelines. Careful study and use of it will facilitate preparation of a successful Level 1 four-generation project and passing Level 2 and Level 3 exams.

Step 2

Testing Regions

Experience has shown that successful AG candidates have a high degree of familiarity in the use of records from the “Regional Resources” document for their chosen region. It is required that you review the regional resources for your chosen region. It is recommended that you have experience with a wide variety of record types from that list. The document can be found on the Testing Regions page by clicking on the name of your region.

Step 3

Access the Accreditation Readiness Assessment

The Accreditation Readiness Assessment is part of the Level 1 requirements. This assessment helps you evaluate your experience and skill level to determine if you are adequately prepared to begin the accreditation process. After taking the assessment you will receive your results via email. If you are lacking experience or skills in any of the areas on the assessment, please take time to gain more experience before beginning the accreditation process.

Step 4

Level 1 Four-Generaton Project Self-Assessment

This self-assessment, based on the grading rubrics for the Level 1 Four-Generation Project, will help you determine if your project meets the extensive requirements before you submit it for grading. After taking the assessment you will receive your results via email. If your project is lacking in any area of the self-assessment, please take time to improve and polish your project before submitting it for grading.

Step 5

Pay Level 1 Fee | Complete "Contact Information Form"

Pay fees and fill out all of the information on the form. The “Contact Information Form” is part of fees form. To pay level 1 fee click on the link below. Do not pay Level 1 fee until the four-generation project is ready to submit. We practice blind rating. The “Contact Information Form” is used to gather information needed to process your fees and assign you an application number.

Step 6

Submit your Four-Generation Project

After fees are paid online and the “Contact Information Form” is processed, the testing committee secretary will email you instructions on how to submit your Four-Generation Project electronically. Allow 3-5 business days processing time for instructions to be emailed.

ICAPGen Study Groups

In order to better facilitate and help all individuals interested in becoming an Accredited Genealogist®, ICAPGen℠ offers study groups to help better prepare for accreditation. Click on the link below to learn more about the ICAPGen℠ Study Groups. 


  • 23-24 February 2023
  • 8-9 June 2023
  • 12-13 October 2023
LEVEL 2 AND LEVEL 3 TESTING DATES (May not schedule until notified Level 1 passed.)
  • February 23-24, 2023
  • June 8-9, 2023
  • October 12-13, 2023
ORAL REVIEW (May not schedule until notified Level 2 and written tests of Level 3 passed.)
  • Currently these are scheduled as needed. 

Facts you need to know


  • Level 2 and Level 3 exams are given over the course of two days. The first day is a comprehensive 4 hours of tests consisting of SEction 1: Document Interpretation and Section 2: General Knowledge. The second day is a 4-hour project.
  • Tests are conducted both onsite at the Family History Library (see current testing dates) and off-site (see custom testing).
  • Onsite Level 2 and Level 3 tests are scheduled by the testing secretary after the applicant receives a passing score on the Level 1 project.
  • Custom off-site testing is scheduled by the testing secretary after the applicant receives a passing score on their Level 1 project. Additional charges apply for custom off-site testing (see the fee schedule for details).


  • Our goal is to process ratings in a timely manner; however, rating each testing level is a multi-step process. Your project or rest is graded by up to four Accredited Genealogists® in the Region for which you apply.
  • For candidates for United States Regions, please allow 5-8 months to receive your results. For International Regions, please allow 5-12 months to receive your results. 
  • We use double-blind grading so that it removes biases, in the grading process. The candidate's work and the work of the graders have all identities removed prior to the review process. Blind grading has many advantages, one being that it minimizes the bias of the grader and improves the accuracy of the assessment scores. Since our process is created to be blind, we cannot reveal the identities of those who grade projects without compromising our process.
  • Level 1 four-generation projects are first rated for items found in the Part A self-assessment form (see Appendix "Level 1 Four-Generation Project Self-Assessment"  Part A in the Guide to Applying for an Accredited Genealogist Credential). Projects that do not pass Part A are not rated further–they are returned to the candidate for the needed revisions and resubmission. 
  • Level 1 four-generation projects that pass the Part A rating are referred for grading with two to four experts from the region of interest for the rating (see Appendix "Level 1 Four-Generation Project Self-Assessment" Part B in the Guide to Applying for an Accredited Genealogist Credential). Projects must pass with a 90% or higher for a candidate to move on to Level 2 and 3 testing.
  • Level 2 and Level 3 written exams are graded by two to four experts from the region of interest. Projects must pass each level with a 90% or higher for a candidate to move on to the oral review (see Appendix "Level 3 Final Project Grading Rubric" in the Guide to Applying for an Accredited Genealogist Credential).
  • Oral Reviews are "Open Book," the candidate may have resource materials, a copy of the Level 1 project, and any other resources present during the Oral Review. During the Oral Review, the applicant is asked questions about their application project and any questions they missed during the written exam process. The oral review should last a maximum of 45 minutes.