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Fritz Juengling

Fritz Juengling, Ph.D., AG®, AGL™

Fritz is not presently taking client work. Please contact another genealogist with questions and work requests. Education

  • Ph.D. University of Minnesota: Germanic Philology with minors in both English and Linguistics
  • MA University of Minnesota: Germanic Philology
  • BA Western Oregon University: Secondary Education with Honors
  • BA Western Oregon University: International Studies German Emphasis with Honors
  • Certificate of Graduation from LDS Institutes of Religion

Germanic Philology is a highly specialized field of study, combining languages, linguistics, paleography and history. For his graduate degrees, Dr. Juengling was required to demonstrate competence in English, German, Medieval Latin and two other modern languages. He chose Dutch and Norwegian. He also took courses in Old, Middle, and Early Modern English, Old and Middle High German, Old Norse (Old Icelandic), Gothic, Old Frisian, Old Saxon, Middle Dutch, history of the English, German, Dutch, and Scandinavian languages, Latin and Greek philology, Latin paleography, and Middle English paleography. He also took a number of courses on English dialects and wrote his dissertation on the formation of Southern Hemisphere dialects of English.

Employment and Service


  • Accredited Genealogist professional through ICAPGen for the following regions:

Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Luxembourg, Norway, Germany Northwest, Germany East, Germany South, Denmark, Austria