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Stacy Johnson

Stacy Siirilä Johnson, BA, AG®

Stacy Siirilä Johnson is an advanced researcher with an expertise in France, Germany, Italy and Nordic research. Next to her family, genealogical research and languages are her passions.

Stacy is an Accredited Genealogist® professional in France and Finland through ICAPGen, is a second-generation Finnish American and a native of Ironwood, Michigan. She has Bachelor of Art Degrees in History and French and is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Stacy has always been interested in the past and in particular, her mother’s ancestry as her mother died at the age of 49, when Stacy was 15. Her maternal French-Canadian and Native American ancestry resulted in an undergraduate study of the Métis Society in Wisconsin. Her thesis was “The Métis Society in the Great Lakes Region, Late 1700s-1840s.”

In addition to her mother’s ancestry, her father’s Finnish ancestry piqued her interest. Stacy is a second-generation Finn. She grew up in an area where many Finns settled. The love of the Finnish language and culture took her to Finland where she connected with family and researched her Finnish lines.

Many of the Finland research projects she has completed have taken her to areas in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where Stacy lived when she was young, and to areas in Finland where some of her family currently lives.

Serving as a volunteer on the International floor at the FamilySearch Library in Salt Lake City for 10 years, she helped guests with France and Nordic research. Stacy spends many hours attending seminars and conferences with in-depth training on research and language studies. She is a native English speaker and has a love for languages, especially her ancestral languages of French and Finnish.

Stacy loves helping others find their families. While researching, the clients’ families become her families. The connection between those living and those who have gone before us is such a strong bond and a lovely gift to both. Stacy currently works for Legacy Tree Genealogists.