Language Requirements

An accreditation candidate should be able to accurately transcribe and translate documents from their chosen region from a variety of time-periods and with a variety of script styles.

If the candidate is accrediting in a region in which the primary language is not English, he/she will be expected to accurately translate documents of genealogical significance from the primary language into English. For regions that have documents in multiple languages, candidates will be required to abstract information of genealogical value (names, dates, places, events) in the languages other than the primary language of the region.

You will be required to identify all documents by type and language, if other than English. You will only transcribe and abstract English-language documents.

The Language Requirement Chart below is the current listing of the languages tested for each region.

Testing RegionTranscribe & TranslateAbstract
Continental Europe  
AustriaGerman, LatinGerman, Latin
BelgiumFrench, Dutch, LatinFrench, Dutch, German, Latin
CzechiaCzech, GermanCzech, German, Latin
FranceFrenchFrench, German, Latin
Germany NorthwestGerman, LatinGerman, Danish, Latin, French
Germany SouthGerman, French, LatinGerman, French, Latin
Germany EastGerman, LatinGerman, Polish, Latin
Hungary*Hungarian, German, LatinHungarian, German, Latin
ItalyItalian, LatinItalian, Latin
LuxembourgFrench, German, LatinFrench, German, Latin
The NetherlandsDutch, LatinDutch, French, Latin
PolandPolish, German, LatinPolish, German, Russian, Latin
SpainSpanishSpanish, Catalan
Switzerland*French, German, LatinFrench, German, Italian, Latin
Latin America  
Other approved Latin American examsSpanishSpanish
DenmarkDanishDanish, German
FinlandFinnish, SwedishFinnish, Swedish
British Isles  
EnglandEnglish, LatinEnglish, Latin
IrelandEnglishEnglish, Latin
ScotlandEnglishEnglish, Latin
WalesEnglishEnglish, Welsh
South Africa*English, AfrikaansEnglish, Afrikaans
Atlantic Provinces*English, FrenchEnglish, French
QuebecEnglish, FrenchEnglish, French, Latin
Western Provinces*EnglishEnglish
United States  
African-American (Specialty)EnglishEnglish
Great LakesEnglishEnglish, German
Mid-AtlanticEnglishEnglish, German
New EnglandEnglishEnglish
North CentralEnglishEnglish, German, Swedish
South CentralEnglishEnglish, French, German, Spanish
SouthwestEnglishEnglish, Spanish
Upper SouthEnglishEnglish

*These tests are in various stages of development. Please contact ICAPGen before submitting an application.