Level 3 Preparation Tips

The Level 3 requirements include a Final Project written exam lasting over four hours, followed by an Oral Review, scheduled after successful completion of the Final Project.


Learn all the details about the Level 3 requirements in the Guide to Applying for an Accredited Genealogist(R) Credential. 

Final Project

The Final Project gives the candidate the opportunity to prove expertise by producing high quality research in a limited amount of time, through a practical genealogical problem that will be given to the candidate at the beginning of the exam. The following elements must be turned in at the end of allotted time for the Final Project:

  • A client report
  • A research log
  • A pedigree chart
  • All family group sheets
  • Photocopied or electronic documents found during research

These items may be created digitally on the provided computer, or handwritten on the provided forms, or in any combination of digital and handwritten.

More Information

Read through this syllabus, created by Diana Elder AG(R), to learn more about what is expected and how to prepare for the Final Project.

Final Project Syllabus PDF

Suggested Practice

To prepare for this portion of the test practice researching a limited, four hour project in the region of interest. Focus on research beyond browsing online family trees. It is not unusual for only one third of this time to be used for the actual research. Allow sufficient time for planning, documentation, and report writing. Some researchers find it most efficient to write as the research progresses. It important to include suggestions for future research in the report.

At the end of the practice project, use the grading rubric for the Level 3 Final Project to evaluate how you did and help you improve to ensure you are prepared for the Level 3 exam. 

Final Project Rubric PDF