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Guide to Applying for an Accredited Genealogist® Credential

To download a pdf version of the “Guide to Applying for an Accredited Genealogist® Credential” click here.

Opening page

Changes in this revision.

Page titles changed to match the page numbers in the PDF version of the guide.

Table of Content has hyperlinks for all titles.

Material about report writing has been rewritten and now appears all in one place.

Level 1 Check List has been rewritten and added to the guide.

Changes in procedures.

Effective 1 October 2017 there are four dates per quarter scheduled for testing activities. See “Testing Dates and Deadlines for details.

Level 1 Questionnaire is self assessing. The last item on the questionnaire explains how to create a personal code that is needed on the “Contact Information Form” to prove that the questionnaire was taken and passed. Be sure to make a record of that code. The easiest way to record it is to mark the box at the end of the questionnaire to have your responses emailed to you.

Clarification to requirements

The starting person of the four-generation project must be born in or before 1900 and married with children.

A new step was added to the application process. You now must watch the video “Thinking about becoming an AG professional?” This video gives a good overview of exactly what is expected.


Four full four-generation reports were added to the samples page.


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